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Business Services

  • Courier Services 

  • Mobile Notary Service 

  • New employee welcome gifts, cards for holidays, special occasions gifts, and customer thank-you's

  • Supplies restocking and ordering

  • Bookings and travel arrangements

  • Event Planning/Party Planning

  • Errand runs (bank, post office, etc)

  • Organize workspace/files

  • Administrative assistance

  • Item pick-up and delivery (food catering and delivery, document pick-up and delivery, supply pick-up and delivery)

  • Assist will bill paying/Financial services

What are the benefits of a Corporate Concierge Service?

As a professional concierge company, we work with other small to large businesses in the surrounding areas to bring their employees the gift of time. Whether it’s for the hectic holiday season, or an ongoing monthly benefit, it’s a cutting edge and cost effective way to show employees how valued they, and their time, is to the company/organization.

The services provided reduces stress by helping employees balance the demands of their home and professional lives.

Such services requested often include but not limited to:

  • Trips to the dry cleaner

  • Taking vehicles in for an oil change or services.

  • Shopping or waiting at home for a service professional.

  • Errand Services/Personal Errands

All of this with the goal to support the employee and allow them to keep their personal time for just that.

The concierge industry is Not just a luxury service anymore. It’s a way to allow people to maintain their busy personal and professional lives while improving quality of life. It’s an effective way to counteract the ongoing strain and demands of our time.

A simple way to get back to the root of relationships with staff and employees, we’re not only giving time, but peace of mind back to everyone.

In fact, surveys have shown that eighty-six percent of workers say work/life balance and fulfillment are top career priorities.

Such benefits to our clients and their teams include:

  • Increased Employee Satisfaction & Motivation

  • Increased Employee Productivity & Efficiency

  • Personalized Employee Benefit & Retention

 **NOTE** All packages created can be billed on a monthly recurring basis

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