Senior Services

Do you or a loved one need a little extra help? Palmetto Concierge can help Seniors keep their independence, while continuing to live in their homes, maintaining their own self-sufficiency. We feel we have just the right amount of support any senior may need. If you do not see something that you need assistance with, just ask us and we can customize most services.  

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senior services
senior services

Services we offer

  • Light Housekeeping

  • Help with meal preparations

  • Shopping/Errand and Courier Services (e.g., grocery shopping, clothing & personal items)

  • Home Visits/Checks

  • Mail Delivery and Pickup (if mailbox is not at residence)

  • Status reports to family members if needed

  • Make Appointments

  • Pet care/ Pet Taxi

  • Coordinate home repairs

  • Home Organization

  • Set-up Bill Payments

  • Paperwork Assistance

  • Organize Yard Sales & Contributions

  • Light gardening

  • Personal Friendly Visitation and Telephone Reassurance

  • Pickup and Delivery Service

  • Assist with computers, cell phones and internet for Seniors

  • Locate Congregations of all Faiths

  • Property Management

  • Money Management and Paperwork Assistance

  • Real Estate assistance

  • Other tailored services per client per agreement


While we do care for our individual clients and their wellbeing,

We are not:

• We do not provide medical/personal care.

• We do not provide medication reminders.

Thank you for understanding.

**NOTE** All packages created can be billed on a monthly recurring basis

senior services palmetto concierge

Elder Care Consulting Services

No two people age in the same way. There isn’t a predicable path or timeline, no "one size fits all" precise formula for solving problems. Perhaps what worked last year is no longer works.

Determining the costs of various care options and if the option is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, VA or private insurance is also complex and may be disappointing. We can assist you with this and also with any local options of assistance and home health care. The seasoned, trained and knowledgeable care managers at Palmetto Concierge provide customized care management services based on your needs.

With your help, we see the whole situation. We provide a comprehensive, and specific picture of the available supports and solutions for your family.

We believe in being an advocate for our clients and we are here to respond and help as needs change. Contact us Today for a Consultation.

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